AMR Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Machine AMR Rear Mounted Disco Mowers
Year: 2018
Model: AMR Range
Working Width: 2.4m – 2.8m
Condition: New
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar
  • Long-lasting spur gears
  • Wedge-shaped cutterbar without inner shoe for cleanest cuts
  • Convenient and quick-change blades
  • The KRONE range of AMR rear-mounted disc mowers come in 2.4m and 2.8m sizes.
  • The AMR mowers come with SafeCut stone protection as standard
  • The unique KRONE coil-sprung break-away pin trips instantly and dependably whenever an obstacle comes its way. The KRONE impact protection system relies on an adjustable coil spring, which responds instantly and reliably
  • KRONE disc mowers boast direct-drive spur gears that mount right behind the first drum. This design combines with a cantilevered tube frame to provide greatest clearances and cleanest cuts without blockages even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Smooth and heavy-duty drive-line:
    Massive and heavy-duty spur gears with up to 59 teeth take the pto power and transfer it to the discs without losses, ensuring each disc is driven full power. Each of the auxiliary gears uses smaller spur gears to drive one disc at a time, a design that minimizes the load on each gear and results in quiet running and longevity.  It also results in an exceptionally clean cut because the blades are nearer to the crop than on conventional mowers;
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  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar,  Long-lasting spur gears,  Wedge-shaped cutterbar without inner shoe for cleanest cuts,  Convenient and quick-change blades
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