KW Rotary Tedder Range


Krone KW  5.52/4×7 / 7.82/6×7 / / 8.82/8

Year: 2019
Model: KW Range
Working Width: 3.6m – 4.0m
Condition: New
  • Maintenance-free and liquid-grease lubricated bevel gearboxes
  • Low-wear Super C tines provide 9.5mm (0.4”) diameters and feature 5 coils
  • Unequal tine lengths provide the unique KRONE combing effect
  • Central border tedding facility throws crops to either side
  • The angle of throw is adjusted without tool
  • Hydraulic conversion from work to transport position
  • Accumulator arms feature internal compression springs
  • Auto-centering lift-out system
  • Permanently lubricated rotor gearboxes:
    The enclosed liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes that drive the rotors are absolutely maintenance-free. Permanent lubrication gives peace of mind and increases the machine’s longevity. The chunky box-section chassis absorbs all shock loads on the frame.
  • Heavy-duty:
    Mounted beneath the individual sections, the liquid-grease gearboxes drive nothing but the rotors. The same sections guide the rotors on the KW models, which increases the overall stability and takes the load off the gearbox.
  • OctoLink: OctoLink is our extremely hardwearing clutch, which forms a frictional connection at all times and yet requires no attention at all. Some of its eight fingers are always in mesh, even when the rotors are folded through 180 degrees.
  • Simple but sophisticated: The special design of these short fingers and the way they align ensures a consistent flow of power down the driveshafts. There is not a single moment the power flow is cut. This type of driveline translates into maximum efficiency and longevity.
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  • EasyCut 280/320/360/400  with CV conditioner
  • Robust, fully welded cutterbar, SafeCut stone protection, SmartCut, Direct drive for full power, no slipping and Snap-fit blades.

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